Online Classes and Online 1:1 Sessions

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Below is more information about our new online classes; along with some tips to getting the best from these sessions.

Online interactive classes: We have now got an account with Zoom the online interactive conferencing/meeting provider. Our classes will be scheduled as a meeting which you can join. We will list a timetable, this will be quite basic to start with but will expand as we get used to working with the new system depending on demand.

Online 1:1 sessions: we will also offer 1:1 sessions via Zoom, so please let us know if you are interested in these.

Joining a class: When joining a class we will send you a link which you simply click and follow the pop up instructions to join the group. It’s fairly straight forward and we will run some trial sessions for you to get used to it. To join simply email us with your class choice and we will reply with the link to connect you to your chosen class, please bear in mind that we will need time receive and reply to your email in between our teaching schedule, so please don’t leave booking onto a class until the last minute as it’s unlikely we will be able to reply quickly as this is a manual rather than automated process.

Video/audio interaction: When joining the class you will have the option of having your video on or off. As part of our insurance we need to be able to see you, so it’s important that you have your video on whilst participating in the class so we can see your technique. You can use, laptop, pc, tablet, or smart phone to access the sessions. There is also the option to join in with voice so you can comment or ask questions as we go through the class or briefly at the end. On joining the group your mic will be muted so we/others can’t hear you, or any background noise at your end. If you need to ask a question simply unmute your mic by clicking on it and ask your question, and then don’t forget to re-mute your mic straight after speaking.

Teaching: Initially whilst we are getting used to the new way of working we plan to have two of us present/active in the class; one teaching and the other assisting, and watching class participants, and where necessary you may occasionally hear another voice rather than from the class teacher giving instructions where necessary.

Recording the class: We had hoped to be able to record the classes and then make them available to be viewed or reviewed  after the session. However this isn’t covered by our insurance, as it’s a requirement that we can see you participating in the class, rather than you watching the class as with a  DVD with no instructor input.

Class pricing: Class are £11 per class. Those financially affected by Covid-19 and unable to do their normal job due to the current circumstances, please contact us for alternative payment options. Those of you with credits from cancelled classes will be able to use these to purchase online classes.

Moving forwards: After we run our trial classes we will confirm our timetable for the courses after Easter, so please feel free to let us know your preference in terms of days/times class type etc. and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Getting the best from your online class!

Devices: The online classes will work with any device that can get an internet connection and has a camera that can see you; Choose a device that has a good camera as this will help us see you better.

Clothes and background: consider wearing clothes that are a contrast to your background colour and are reasonably tight fitting, this will help us to see you better. Also consider where the light is coming from, and try to position yourself in a well-lit position with the light shining towards you (behind the camera) not behind you (facing your camera). Also consider positioning your camera so we can see you well and as a whole not just your head!

Participating in a class: Try to watch the exercise demonstration first and then join in with the exercise rather than just watch and do it at the same time. Particularly in the beginner and more basic improver level classes; at the intermediate level it should be possible to follow by listening more than watching visual demonstration as the participants will be more familiar with the exercises.

Interacting: We encourage you to interact in the class, this will help keep the classes as close as possible to our normal group sessions; so please don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions as we go through the class; however please consider others and keep these short and to the point, so as to not disrupt the class, please remember, others will hear your comments too, so please keep it relevant and polite.

Please bear with us: I’m sure we will have some issues with technology and teething problems but please bear with us and we’ll get these sorted as soon as we can, and do our best to deliver the classes we know you enjoy.

In the meantime, stay safe, positive and take care and please contact us if you have any queries.
Danielle & Rob
01737 765335