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Covid-19 Face 2 Face Procedure

We have drafted this procedure after carrying out our risk assessment, and a review of government and fitness industry guidelines in order that our return to face to face classes in the current Covid -19 pandemic is as safe as possible. These instructions are subject to change should further guidance be issued by the government or the fitness industry.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort will be made to effect a safe return to face to face sessions, everyone participating in our group classes or 1:1 sessions does so entirely at their own risk and neither Body-Torque Pilates nor its employees can be held responsible for any illness or harm, however caused.

Please ensure you have read and fully understand the procedures below before attending face to face 1:1 or group classes. If in any doubt, please contact us for clarification.

  1. Social Distancing: Strict social distancing in accordance with current guidelines should be maintained whilst waiting to join a class and whilst participating in a group class or 1:1/private session. Current guidelines are 2 metre distance between clients whilst waiting and participating in exercise. All waiting will be outside of the buildings in the open air, so please bear this in mind when considering arrival time, weather etc.
  • Feeling unwell: Having booked your class, if you subsequently feel unwell on the day of the class, please consider others, and do not attend your session face to face. If you have symptoms but you feel well enough to exercise, and the class is one which is offered online as well as face to face, please contact us for login details and try to attend online instead. If the class isn’t one that can also be attended online, please let us know that you are unwell and we will cancel your space and you will be able to make up the class when you are symptom free and feeling well.
  • Limited class sizes: In accordance with current guidelines, class numbers will be restricted to allow each class participant 3m x 3m or 100sq ft of space each: Maximum class numbers are listed below:-

    Bell Street main studio:          max. number of participants 7
    Bell Street small studio:         max. number of participants 4
    URC Dorking:                         max. number of participants 15
  • Entering the building: Before entering the studio/hall, clients will be required to wear a face covering and have their temperature taken, those not displaying a normal temperature range (38oC or above) will not be permitted to enter the building. On entering the building you’ll need to use the sanitiser provided for your hands (or you can use you own if you prefer) and remove your shoes on the mat by the entrance door. Carrying your shoes, please move directly to your allotted space where you will remain until the end of your session. You will keep your shoes and other items with you. Once you are in your allotted space you can remove your face covering as it is not recommended to exercise in one, but it must be in place before you leave your space to exit the building.

N.B. For the URC venue in Dorking only there is a one-way system in place for entry/exit. Entry is via the front lobby on West Street, and exit is via the rear door and through the Oasis courtyard and the car park onto Church Street. There will be no access to the toilet before the start of the session as the side door will be locked until the end of the class.

  • Changing rooms: there will be no changing rooms available at the venue so you will be required to come in appropriate exercise clothing with suitable outdoor clothing over if necessary. We have use of only one toilet and it will not be available for changing.
  • Equipment: You will need to provide your own exercise equipment, mat, block, cushion, (ball/band if required) etc. Please place your shoes and outdoor clothing in the bag in which you bring your exercise equipment (or an alternative bag if you prefer) and keep all your belongings with you for the duration of the class. Please ensure you keep your socks on or wear alternative socks during your class. On your first visit, we can provide you with either new or second hand equipment (you can add the cost to your course payment), but you must take it away with you at the end of the session. If you require equipment from us, please let us know in good time prior to the class start. However, you are of course welcome to bring your own, but it must be in a clean and serviceable condition.

N.B. please ensure you take all your belongings with you at the end of your class or 1:1 session, we will dispose of any items left behind at the end of the day.

  • Toilets: There will be one toilet available for emergency use only, so please try to avoid using it where possible and if used, please clean touched surfaces with cleaning materials (wipes) provided and dispose of these in the bin provided not down the toilet. If using the toilet during, before or after the class try to maintain your social distancing and please wear your mask.

  • Instructor interaction: The teachers will mainly stay at the front of the group maintaining social distance of 2 metres. Depending on the group size, with a small group, some moving around the group may be possible. If a teacher needs to approach you, they will wear a face covering.
  • Exiting the building: Please wait in your allotted space until instructed to move to the exit door. Pack your equipment away in your bag put on any outer clothing and your mask and then, when instructed to do so, carrying your shoes, move to the exit door where you can replace your shoes before leaving. Hand sanitiser will be available at the exit. We will leave an appropriate gap between classes to allow safe entry/exit, and to allow for ventilating the space between classes.
  1. Track & Trace: As usual we will keep a class register, should you fall ill after attending one of our classes, it is imperative that you inform us ASAP, so that those who also attended the class can be informed and self-isolate (if required to do so by the guidelines in place at the time). It is also imperative that should you be required to take a test and it proves to be positive, that you inform us immediately, so anyone attending the same class as you can take the appropriate action (testing/isolating etc).

More information about when to self-isolate and measures required should a class participant test positive for Covid-19 can be found by following the link below:


  1. Cleaning: The studio/hall will be kept clean and at the end of the session all touched surfaces will be wiped down with an appropriate cleaner. At our Bell Street venue: studio equipment cleaned between sessions and floors at the end of each day.