General Information/F.A.Qs


Who will be teaching me, are they properly qualified?
Instructors are fully insured and qualified.

Do I need my own mat or equipment?
Mats and all necessary equipment for our group mat-work classes will be provided at each venue.

What should I wear?
For Pilates loose comfortable clothing should be worn, e.g. T-shirt and light-weight trousers or leggings.  Layers are also useful as you can get a bit cool in the beginners classes. Shoes are not required for Pilates, but socks are useful.

Can I just turn up to a class or do I need to book?
We limit the number of participants in our classes to maintain a high standard of tuition; it is therefore necessary to book a space.

I’ve done PIlates before how do I know which class will be the right level for me?
Its important that we talk to you before you book a class or course to discuss any relevant medical history and any previous Pilates experience, this will enable us to guide you to the most appropriate class or classes for you and your ability.

I’ve not done Pilates before but¬†I do alot of exercise, do¬†I need to go into a beginners class or can¬†I join a more challenging class?
Pilates is likely to be different to other exercise you may have done, and whilst you are likely to pick it up quicker if you have good body awareness through other forms of exercise, it’s still important to get the basics right, so you are always best to start in a beginners class, although you may move on quicker than someone who doesn’t exercise as much. It’s also important that we talk to you before you book a class or course to discuss any relevant medical history.

Do I need to register or fill in any paperwork?
You are required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and a Registration form before attending your¬†first class. You should download the Welcome¬†Pack which includes these forms on the “how to book” page.

How big are your classes do you limit the number of participants?
Classes hold up to 12 beginners or 15 improvers per class. Whilst some are very popular and booked to capacity most weeks, others are less popular and may typically have five or six participants. so if you are keen to be in a smaller group we can guide you to the best classes for you.

I work shifts so can’t commit to the same class through the whole course period, can I do classes on different days some weeks?
Yes, as long a we have spaces available its not a problem to do different classes on different weeks in the course period. Also our courses are only generally six weeks duration which helps to make planning easier.