Happy New Year

As we raise a glass and listen to the chimes of Big Ben (is it working?) welcoming in the New Year this evening, we might wonder what 2018 will hold for us! Danielle and I have been planning for 2018 and in doing so, have found ourselves reflected on one of the fundamental principles of Pilates, Balance.

Balance can take many forms; from the obvious, standing and moving with balance, to the body symmetry that is achieved through muscle balance,  or indeed, to a work-life balance that so many of us often struggle to achieve in our busy lives.

But perhaps we should also consider the balance between mind, body and spirit, taking time to focus on what our body needs from us to better enable us to achieve the life goals we have set ourselves.

Joseph Pilates said in his book (return to life through Contrology), Contrology (Pilates), is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit;  So this New Year why not take a little time to consider your body and what it needs from you and make 2018  a year of  balance.

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