Push-up Challenge

Ok so as promised, here is our individual push-up challenge. The idea is quite simple, find your optimal starting position, add one extra rep day on day for two weeks, when you reach 10 reps in one position, move on to a harder/more challenging position, by gradually adding extra reps and gradually increasing the difficulty/intensity of your push-up position you should see significant improvement in the two week challenge period.

By accepting this personal push-up challenge we will help you to;

  • Understand good/push-up form/setup
  • Find your current starting position/level

You should be prepared to:

  • Commit to practising every day for two weeks; maximum of 10 reps
  • Optional: Take a photo or video of you in your end position doing a high five with someone off screen. More details to follow!

After completing the challenge you should hope to achieve:

  • The ability to perform quality push-ups with good technique and form
  • Improve your ability to weight bear through your hands/wrists
  • Improve your press up position/increase the number of reps
  • improve your shoulder stability; which in turn will help you perform other exercises more easily with better form and technique

Below is a video to help you understand good push-up technique and how to achieve your start position; we will be on hand to help you with this if needed, so just telephone or email……..Good Luck!!