Saturday 22nd December

On Saturday 22nd December we are running some FREE classes at our Bell Street Venue; when we will be shooting some videos for our new-web site.

On Saturday 22nd December, Max and his team will be joining us to shoot a promo video for our new web-site.  We are looking for willing volunteers to attend the classes and star in our short video, if you are interested in attending a class please email us so we can put your name on the list. There will only be about 10 spaces in the main classes and approximately 6 in the Barre and Men’s beginner classes, so if you book to attend and then find you can’t come, please let us know as we will be running a reserve list too. If you can wear your more colourful exercise kit it will make for more interesting footage!

Class timings are as normal but the classes maybe slightly shorter and have the odd interruption if we need to do a re-take or some cut-aways!

Classes timings:
Meta-fit HIIT 07:50
Intermediate Pilates 08:30
Pilates Barre 08:30
Pilates For Men 09:30
Improver Pilates 09:30
Beginner/Ante & Post Natal Pilates 10:30