Summer 2016 Newsletter

Well the rain has stopped (mostly) and summer has finally arrived and we do hope that you have had an opportunty to get away for a well earned break or at least get out and enjoy the sunshine when it has been around.

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The dates for Autumn are now available to book on our online system; so you can now book your Pilates and Metafit classes through until the end of October. We have produced a class list download showing all classes running from September (click here to download/print your copy of our Autum schedule. You can print and use the schedule to make a booking through us in the office if you are unable to book online.

Below is a little more information about some of the class changes and new courses starting in September.

New look Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornngs are changing from September. We are introducing new classes and changing the teaching around:

Danielle’s Pilates Barre Class:
A brand new class using the ballet barre incorporating Pilates and ballet exercises both standing at the barre and working on the mat; to strengthen, lengthen and tone in a very functional way.

A multi-ethnic group of young adults are taking a barre workout class in a studio. They are warming up with ballet plies.

New “Pilates for Men” Beginners:
Following the success of our Pilates for Men courses we ran earlier this year, we will be runnnig a new absolute beginners course for Men starting in September. This course will start again at the very beginning and take you from the basic principles of Pilates progressing you through the essential level exercises. The class will run at the new time of 09:30.


Taught by Rob at Bell Street Studios, this will be a perfect way to get started, preparing you to then move into an improver level class in our regular timetable.

Saturday Intermediate Pilates Mat-Work:
To enable Danielle to teach her new Barre Pilates at 08:30 Rob will be taking over the Intermediate Mat-work class. Expect the class to be different to the previous class taught by Danielle. Focus will be on progressing clients through the intermediate exercises (at an appropriate pace for their ability) and later introducing the more basic advanced movements.

Want to get £50 of free classes or a free 1:1 session?

Many of you have privately told us how great our classes are and how they have changed your lives for the better; but don’t keep it to yourself, share your story and you could be our next winner of a ¬£50 voucher to spend with us as you like, either free group classes or 1:1 sessions.

Just send us your inspirational story in either written/email or video format for your chance to win. For example, take a look at Nikki’s video click here.

Tell us how Pilates has helped you overcome an injury or helped you avoid surgery, or inspired you to take on something you thought you’d never do; if we believe it will inspire¬†others and we use it in one of our newsletters, we’ll give you a ¬£50 voucher to spend with us!

Do you want to get fitter but¬†don’t feel fit enough to start?

If you like the idea of getting fitter and working in a more cardio form than in your normal Pilates class, but think that metafit will be a bit too much of a challenge, or think you’re just not fit enough to start, then why not try our “get ready for metafit” course on Wednesday mornings in Reigate?

Over 6 weeks we will take you through mobilising and stretching routines, which will help build on the flexibility gained in your Pilates class. We then take you step by step through the Metafit exercises, breaking them down and explaining the movement patterns and demonstrating the basic exercise levels, along with the exercise progressions/regressions. The course culminates in you doing a full Metafit workout.

For more information please contact Rob: 01737765335

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The Metafit‚ĄĘ bodyweight training system is effective and simple, and is backed by scientific research.
It works!

To burn fat you need to change your resting metabolism. Metafit‚ĄĘ does this by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals thereby giving you quick results. Classes run across the week, for more information, click here¬†to see our HIIT page on our website.

Online Booking System

Most of you have now had a chance to use our new online booking system, and many of you have commented on how easy it has been to use; there have been a few teething problems but most of these have been ironed out now. However if you do experience any difficulty with the system please let us know, we are always happy to help you book your classes or make class changes.

Helpful tips:

We have been advised by Mindbody (the system we use) that their software works best with either Internet Explorer or Firefox on a pc or laptop and with smart phones or tablets they suggest Safari.

If you use the MindBody App and are having trouble viewing your class schedule or making purchases or bookings you may need to sync your app and online account see the links below for how to do this.

To download our MINDBODY app on Play Store Android devices or App Store IOS devices and sync your account. To sync your account please view the article below:

For Android System, please view this article

 For IOS ( Apple ) system, please view this article
Make sure you have the latest versions of Flash player and Java running on your system, you can check this by going to

click here and

click here

Bring a friend to class for free!

For the last week of our summer timetable Monday 22nd to Friday 26th inclusive, we are having an introduce a friend offer; for these classes only you can bring a friend to class for free (subject to availablity of spaces).

This is the perfect way to let your friends experience Pilates with no cost, no catch or upfront commitment. Just contact us to register them and they can come with you and see what they have been missing.

Please bear in mind however, that if your friend is a beginner (no previous Pilates experience) or has health issues or injuries, they will need to discuss these with us so we can be sure the class they wish to attend is appropriate for them. In the case of beginners you may wish to switch to the beginner level in order for them to attend.

Please contact us to discuss or book your friend into a class.



We hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you you again very soon.
Danielle and Rob