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1:1 Tuition

1:1 is a great way to introduce yourself to Pilates.  You can choose to have a single session to help get to grips with the basics before joining a group class (a pre-course 1:1) or choose a course of 1:1 sessions to become more familiar with the exercises, before joining group classes in either matwork or Reformer at intermediate or improver level, giving you more class options.

Pre-course 1:1 session: In these sessions we  start by examining your posture and explaining how and why you may need to change it. We then  take you through the very basics of Pilates, getting you to understand the correct muscle recruitment required to really benefit from the exercises.

I found the 1:1 pre-course tuition invaluable. A real must for any beginner, it really helped me understand the principles behind Pilates so I will get so much more from my group classes. ……David T.

Private 1:1 or Shared 2:1 sessions: Some clients like to work 1:1 with an instructor to really focus on their technique. In sessions you can choose to work on your mat-work, or learn the apparatus exercises. We have a full selection of Pilates apparatus machines, including Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. The studio apparatus is ideal for those recovering form injury or surgery, but also ideal for those looking complement their sports specific training, as we can use spring resistance to to increase/decrease the exercise challenge, or help demonstrate how and where you need to focus your efforts.

Studio locations: We have two studio locations, both are well equipped with the latest Pilates apparatus. our Reigate studio is at 75 Bell Street Reigate RH2 7AN, it is the larger studio where we teach our group mat-work and group reformer sessions along with various private sessions.
Our home studio, Just outside Redhill near Salford’s is smaller and situated in a tranquil garden setting, remote from our home, it is ideal for focusing mind and body. There’s plenty of free onsite parking, so no worries about being late or missing your session due to not being able to park.

Nikki tells how 1:1 Pilates has helped her with sever neck and shoulder pain