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The Pilates Method

Joseph PilatesThis famous programme of exercises (originally called Contrology) was devised by Joseph Pilates, and has been taught since early 1900s. A combination of strengthening, toning and stretching exercises to improve posture and strengthen abdominal muscles. Pilates improves core stability and will create a more balanced body. Pilates can help those suffering from back and other joint pain, as well as osteoporosis and arthritis, improves pelvic floor function and also promotes relaxation. The progressive nature of Pilates means that it is suitable for those new to exercise as well as experienced exercisers looking for increased core stability and improved body shape. Pilates is suitable during pregnancy (with modifications) and especially beneficial in the post natal period (6 weeks +). Pilates is good for all ages, as the exercises are low impact but the benefits are huge. We provide Pilates classes in Reigate, Dorking and Betchworth every week. Give it a try!