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Reformer Workshop an outstanding Success!

Finally I have managed to get round to posting something about our first reformer workshop; held at Bamboo Pilates Academy;
We where very like to be able to have Brigitte Wrenn; STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer to take us through our paces. The workshop was two hours, covering reformer set-up and essential level exercises; once everyone had demonstrated their competence; we got a taste of the harder intermediate exercises too . We finished with a flourish of interval work on the extremely enjoyable Cardio Tramp! A trampoline fixed to the end of the reformer, great fun and a real workout!

See some pictures of our session below along with some of the feed back we received from those who attended.

More sessions planned so so if you are interested please let us know!……Rob



I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was extremely professional and clearly instructed. Having a two hour session also meant that you could be totally absorbed and get a momentum going along with the others in the group. I went in with no energy and left feeling great!”.…….Nikki

“I thought the session was great and a good work out. It also made me feel as if I have learnt a bit over the years and above all else- I knew you were good- it made me realise how very lucky I am to have you as a trainer!”………Lizzy

“The class was well worthwhile and Brigitte’s clear teaching and obvious enthusiasm for Pilates was perfect.” ………..Woody

“Many thanks for organising the session on Saturday. I very much enjoyed it and it was great to experience the Reformers in a class situation. I thought Bridget was a great instructor too. I would be very interested in attending another session.”………..Katie

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