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Metafit Hot Stick

Great turnout for Metafit on Saturday morning, despite the early start we had a full class, so great atmosphere!

I gave everyone the choice of workout between “Weird Fish” and “Hot Stick” we decided on a workout with a finisher, and wow what a tough finisher it was, alternating between two step dash and two step side shuffle, non stop!

Our HOT STICK exercises where:

Take Downs
Press-up circles
Borrower Squats
Squat Thrusts
Side Lunge

Everyone work really hard, especially on the sprints where we all faced each other no none wanting to be the first to quit!

A special well done to Ruth, who was attending her first Metafit session!

Excellent work guys, and as always get emphasis on technique.

If you want to join us next time check out the page on our web site,

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