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A year or so ago I tried to get a list together of any of our clients who might be interested in taking part in local-ish sporting events, primarily as a way of helping motivate and push them (albeit gently) to improve their fitness and achieve something they have either always wanted to do, or perhaps felt unconfident of trying on their own. Unfortunately due to one thing and another, it has taken a while for the plan to come to reality. That said, a couple of weeks ago, a few of us a successfully completed the 7-Oaks Triathlon. Now I want to get an idea who is interested in hearing about similar events, races and training opportunities that might help you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be. If you are interested or you have a partner or family member who might be interested, please respond to this message letting me know the sort of thing you’d like to do, or have booked yourself into, so we can let others who might like to join you know about the event.

Reigate 1/2 Marathon:
Body-Torque have entered a team for the inaugural Reigate 1/2 Marathon on 21st September 2014!

I’ve signed up to run and hope not to be alone, I have therefore created Team Body-Torque, the idea is that we can get together to do some training and perhaps find partners to share run sessions with, making the training process more enjoyable! Remember this can also be partners or family members. I also plan to set up a forum where you can ask questions about running and training and get answers form those more experienced at this distance. If you have already entered the race, or would like to, you can join our team by clicking the link below and entering this code in the team section; GJ0C08e61E  if you’re already registered you can still join us by going back into the registration section and adding the code.


There will be a big health and fitness show as part of the race held in Priory Park, and we plan to have a stand there! Danielle has bravely offered to man the stand on the day, forgoing the opportunity to run the 13.1 miles! No doubt she would welcome your support on the stand if you, like her, are a supporter not a runner.

Redhill Triathlon 27th July 2014
This year also see the first Redhill Triathlon, to be held at Mercers Park in Merstham. This will be a true triathlon, with competitors starting together in an open water swim in the beautiful lake, then a bike ride, finishing with a run around the lake.


If you’re unfamiliar with open water swimming, then no problem, there are lots of courses to  help with confidence and it’s now possible by joining Tri-Surrey (£40) to swim at the same lake that the race is using! Let me know if you’re interested and I can give you details.

I plan to enter this event along with some other events, which I’ll list and send out in a later e-mail, so again let me know if this race appeals to you.

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