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Boost Your Running Fitness with Pilates

Hi, Just wanted to update you all regarding the Reigate half marathon; I’ve been talking to the organizers finding out about entering a Body-Torque Pilates team; seems that we can do this, so once I have more info I’ll pass it on.

In the mean time there’s no better way to supplement your running/fitness training than to attend Pilates sessions; you can either attend one of our 30+ group mat class or if you want to work more specifically, why not attend a few 1:1 sessions and work on the equipment in our Pilates Studio.

Hundred on the Reformer

If you feel you’re doing enough Pilates don’t forget Meta-fit interval training a great way to gain that fitness edge, short bursts of high intensity interval exercise, work at your own pace but work hard!

More soon

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