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Metafit in a bucket!

Hi Just wanted to thank all of you guys who came to metafit on Saturday morning 07.50 class, some idiot (me) forgot to bring the stereo ! However with a little ingenuity we managed with a smart phone in a bucket to help magnify the sound; even so it was still a bit quite! This did give us a great opportunity to practise our Ninja skills, with soft landings on jumps brupeeā€™s and light toes on the sprints. Well done to everyone and thanks again for your perseverance.

I want to write an article about metafit and Pilates the benefits of each and how they relate to each other, so I would welcome your thoughts and opinions of each and how you find they interact


Don’t forget to tell your friends and training partners about the benefits of metafit and I won’t forget to bring the stereo!

Enjoy your weekend


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