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Mens Pilates in Reigate

Mens Pilates in Reigate

Hi just a quick reminder that we are still running Pilates classes for men in Reigate on Monday evenings.

These sessions focus on those areas that guys often neglect, or that suffer due to the stresses of work, i.e. neck, upper back and shoulders. But not only is Pilates great for de-stressing after a tough day in the office, but its also excellent to balance those repetitive movements of sporting activities such as golf or tennis & squash, which are focused on one side of the body. If your sporting activity is more balanced you will still find the flexibility and postural awareness that Pilates promotes will enable you to feel freer in your joints and thereby allowing for a more fluid movement; watching England’s rugby performance against Wales, clearly demonstrates how important it is to be agile in the world of competitive sport, no matter how big or heavy you are.

If you’re interested in attending a class Please contact Rob@body-torque.co.uk

More soon.


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