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Metafit combat matrix

Well done to those of you who attended today’s 07.50 Metafit interval training session in Reigate (Bell St Studios); Finally today we managed to squeeze in the awesome Metafit Combat Matrix, a relentless series of exercises all crammed into a 30min workout!!

Your Metafit Combat Matrix exercises were;

Squat big knees
Leg defend
Take downs
Ball roll press
180 Jump press-ups

Each exercise was performed once on its own then we were into the Matrix, starting with Squat big knees we added an exercise each round till we had performed all seven back to back; we then turn the matrix on its head and counted it back down dropping one exercise each round finishing with the 180 jump press up. Strangely enough everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially once we finished!

Half-pipe workout next week; see you then or if you want more don’t forget our sessions on Wednesday’s am and pm.

Enjoy the sunshine; I’m off for a run followed by a swim and bike tomorrow


Metafit in a bucket!

Hi Just wanted to thank all of you guys who came to metafit on Saturday morning 07.50 class, some idiot (me) forgot to bring the stereo ! However with a little ingenuity we managed with a smart phone in a bucket to help magnify the sound; even so it was still a bit quite! This did give us a great opportunity to practise our Ninja skills, with soft landings on jumps brupee’s and light toes on the sprints. Well done to everyone and thanks again for your perseverance.

I want to write an article about metafit and Pilates the benefits of each and how they relate to each other, so I would welcome your thoughts and opinions of each and how you find they interact


Don’t forget to tell your friends and training partners about the benefits of metafit and I won’t forget to bring the stereo!

Enjoy your weekend


New Pilates & Metafit Courses Start this Saturday in Reigate

HI just a quick reminder that the new courses start from this Saturday morning 22nd Feb at The Bell Street Studios Reigate.

Classes start with metafit at 07.50, followed by Intermediate Pilates at 08.30, then we have improvers Pilates at 09.30 and we finish with beginners Pilates at 10.30.

All our other classes then follow on from Monday as per our normal timetable, if you have yet to rebook it’s not too late, but classes are filling fast so email or call to check availablity.

See you soon we hope.

No Slacking!!

HI Guys just a reminder 7Oaks tri is only 13 weeks away so don’t let those New Year’s resolutions start to slip!!

Despite a stinking cold I will be running Metafit as normal tomorrow so come prepared with masks, and ready to work hard as usual!!


Metafit Fitness test

Well done to all those who attended the metafit fitness test on Saturday morning; I have to say I was impressed by the technique, so well done to everyone; you now have a bench mark to test your progression after the course ends. Although everyone preformed well, a special mention goes to James who held his full plank with excellent form for the full 2 minutes.

Super efforts guys!!

Meta-fit Saturday Times

Hi Guys,

Further to our previous post regards Saturday meta-fit. It appears the overwhelming preference is for the early session at Bell Street, people other than those who normally attend on a Saturday, as well as many of those who have been attending, are keen to do the session earlier when it’s cooler, so I have confirmed with the venue that we will run the early session there through to our break; August Bank Holiday.

I have also had some interest in a later session, at 10.00, and am happy to run this session too if enough people commit to it, ideally a minimum of 3 or 4 each week. If you would like to book either session, please e-mail your confirmation stating your preference on your completed booking form. If you prefer to do 10.00 but are you happy to come at 07:50, let me know, I can put you down for both and then let you know about the later class; hopefully I will be able to run both sessions. Click here to down load form

Hope that makes sense, any queries please email or call.

rob@body-torque.co.uk                 01737 765335

Hope to see you Saturday



Saturday Meta-fit; New Time?


As some of you may know Danielle was taken ill last week; I therefore covered some of her classes including Saturday morning. As a result I needed to run the Saturday Meta-fit class early; so we ran it at The Bell Street Studio at 07:50, this proved popular with some, and it has been suggested that the class continue at this time; at least through the summer whilst the weather hopefully, remains hot.

I therefore wanted to get an idea of those interested in attending a meta-fit session at this time; for any unfamiliar with the studio there is now a portable air conditioning unit installed, which makes it a “slightly” more pleasurable experience. If we don’t get enough positive responses we will continue to run the sessions in our garden at 10.00 am till September.

If you have yet to try a meta-fit class you’re very welcome to do so, just call to book your space FOC.

Please let me know if your are interested in attending either Saturday; 07:50 Bell St

Or Saturday 10.00 Redhill RH1 5JJ

To all have a great summer!


Wednesday Pilates and metafit – do both for only £12.00 contact Rob for details

Just to say thanks to those who attended the classes this morning I really enjoyed teaching them and I hope you guys enjoyed it too.

The Wednesday morning Pilates is really picking up now and I think we’ve got a great atmosphere in the class now!

Meta-fit was also good this morning with some new clients attending for the first time, we all worked really hard, technique is looking good; we did “touching the wall” a tough programme with 5 pairs of exercises performed three times through, and then there was the “Finisher!”

More Meta-fit sessions tonight, so let me know if you’d like to give it a try! I’m thinking “Spartan Matrix” for tonight’s class?

Hope to see you in a class soon!!

New Courses

I hope everyone has had a good half term break, and if you have had time off from work that you had a good rest if not good weather!!

Just wanted to confirm the new courses start this Saturday morning from 08.30-11.30 followed by meta-fit at 11.35, if you’ve yet to try Meta-fit you can still attend your first class for free, just call or e-mail to book your space. If you’re not sure what it is, see below.

If you have already sent your payment, thank you, you don’t need to do anything more. If you haven’t booked your class or classes for the new course yet there’s still time but some are almost full, so please return your form and payment ASAP to avoid disappointment. Forms can downloaded from our web-site or e-mail us and we’ll send you the correct form which you can complete and send back, then either post your cheques or make payment through your own online banking (payment details are below).

A Brand New Beginners course starts this Monday, 3rd June 19.30 at The Old Reigatians’ Rugby Club, if you have any friends or enemies (this is Rob’s class) please forward this to them and they can come and try the class for free without committing to booking the course. Trial sessions need to be booked in advance so simply call or e-mail to reserve a space.

Please make cheques payable to BODY-TORQUE PILATES LTD or if paying by bank transfer please contact us for our account details.

Please remember to use your name as the reference when making a transfer.

Best wishes

Danielle Slape

01737 765335