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Metafit combat matrix

Well done to those of you who attended today’s 07.50 Metafit interval training session in Reigate (Bell St Studios); Finally today we managed to squeeze in the awesome Metafit Combat Matrix, a relentless series of exercises all crammed into a 30min workout!!

Your Metafit Combat Matrix exercises were;

Squat big knees
Leg defend
Take downs
Ball roll press
180 Jump press-ups

Each exercise was performed once on its own then we were into the Matrix, starting with Squat big knees we added an exercise each round till we had performed all seven back to back; we then turn the matrix on its head and counted it back down dropping one exercise each round finishing with the 180 jump press up. Strangely enough everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially once we finished!

Half-pipe workout next week; see you then or if you want more don’t forget our sessions on Wednesday’s am and pm.

Enjoy the sunshine; I’m off for a run followed by a swim and bike tomorrow


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